Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cut off my arm above the shoulder... PLEASE???

Last night I hurt so bad.... well it started late that afternoon.  A deep deep ache from my right shoulder and spread into shooting pains down all the way into my right thumb and index finger.  I tried heat, tried pain pills, but the pain only grew until it also got to sudden spasming in my upper arm making yell out in pain and start crying.  I hate putting on my lidoderm patches in the evening, because I am frugal and I wont get a full twelve hours of use from them, but I am not stupid, nor do I enjoy pain, so I grabbed one, cut it into strips to go up and down my arm, had hubby help tape them securely down.   After they had time to take effect I was ok.  

Sigh, I know it is because I do too  much, but if I don't, who will??? No one. 

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